Dear St. Matthew’s Families:

We have received quite a bit of feedback on the uniform policy. The committee has met, and and made the following revisions to vendors and uniform requirements.

Suppliers: Old Navy / Lands’ End  *scrip available for both

An online store will be set up by June 15th at Lands’ End with the approved uniform and logo.  

When shopping at Old Navy please shop from their school uniform store.


Shirts: all must have school Logo

Navy or Red polo (short or long sleeve)

White button-down dress shirt for Mass dress (short or long sleeve)




Pants: Navy or Khaki twill pants (no cargo pants or jeggings)

Shorts:  Bermuda Navy or Khaki twill K-8





Navy or Khaki (K-8)

Plaid Skirt (Lands’ End)  (5th -8th only)

Jumper: all must have school Logo

Plaid (Lands’ End)  K-4th only

Dresses: all must have school Logo

Navy Polo dress – short or long sleeve

Sweatshirt: all must have school Logo

Navy crew neck

Sweater: all must have school Logo

Navy Cardigan, V-Neck, or Vest



Phase in year one 2017-18:

All bottoms: Navy and khaki twill pants and optional skirts and shorts.

Any current color polo shirts with any school logo from past years.

Mass dress: Navy/Khaki twill pants/optional skirts and shorts with White button-down dress shirt. Tie optional.

Phase in year two 2018-19:

Single school logo and only red and navy polo shirts and Mass dress tie.

We appreciate your continued support and dedication to St. Matthew’s School.  

God bless,

Lauren Smith, Principal

St. Matthew’s School Uniform Committee



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